Daily Archives: April 6, 2018

Fiddlesticks…and other F Words



Face it, Cindy, you’re late again. Though this “F” day of the alphabet posts has been on the calendar for a week, here I am – at the very last possible moment – throwing an essay together (“Fudging it”, one might say).

Fact is, I had a little bit of a hard time coming up with a theme for the letter F.  I had run through fidget spinners, flounce, forever, and freezing. That brought me to freezer. I have a freezer! I could write about that!

For instance, I could tell how Aunt Katie bought it for me, and how I stored it for years in her garage, and how my cousins took to using it for their overflow of meats. I could relate that by the time Aunt Katie died, and her garage was being cleared out, I’d grown accustomed to not having a big chest freezer. But, I was also dealing with a severe lack of space in the small freezer above my refrigerator. I could tell about how small my kitchen is, and what I had to move, rearrange and get rid of, in order to make room for the freezer, once I decided to take it. I even took a couple photographs:


the freezer


once again

Forget it,” I thought, “five hundred words about a freezer? What a farce!”

Feeling like I was right back where I started from, I went back to running words through my mind. Fingers, feet, forgetfulness, fairies. Farmer, fisherman, foibles. Forewarned, forearmed. Feeble, forgetful. Fudge. My Dad made a wonderful fudge, but – without the recipe – I doubt I could come up with a whole essay. Funny, when it finally came to me, how easy it could be.

Flying! I am flying off the island in just a few days, in order to see my family (and file my taxes). My sisters – who are friends as well as family – and I are going to Florida together. Five sister will fly out of Flint for a week of fun in a place where it will not be freezing! The only downside is that, having failed at my diet and exercise plan, I am far too fat for flimsy summer clothes (flannels and fleece can hide a lot of flab!). Fretting over it is pure foolishness, though, and I won’t fritter away any more time focusing on fat!

I’m foundering now, with nothing further to say. I’m finished!