Dogs (the April A~Z Challenge)



On Friday, the 30th of March, weather reports predicted a big storm coming our way. High winds and cold temperatures were expected. Plus maybe several inches of wet, heavy snow. Maybe freezing rain. What did we expect? When this month had come in like a lamb, of course it was going to go out like a lion!

On Friday, though, it still looked like spring out here on the Fox Lake Road. The road itself was completely clear of snow and ice. The snow was melting away from the tree trunks, even in the deep woods, and my yard was more than halfway bare. Daily, the big dog was finding toys she’d left outside, that had been buried for months under the blanket of white. Daffodils were poking their first leaves out of the ground, and the rhododendrons were in bud. The temperature was in the 40s, and the sun was shining brightly when I got home from work.

“We’d better take advantage of this day,” I told the dogs, and they seemed to agree. The big dog, Darla, is always up for a walk. She headed right out, no need for coaxing. Even Rosa Parks, who often has to be begged or bribed to come along, was right on my heels. We crossed the road and took Cotter’s trail through the woods.

Sometimes the snow on the trail was firm enough to walk on; most of the time, though, every footfall broke through six inches of mush. That’s tiring, and hard on my knees. I hadn’t changed into boots; my cloth shoes were going to be soaked. On another day, I might have turned back. On Friday, though, the sun was shining, and both dogs were tail-wagging along beside me. We walked the whole distance in, then back out. We were all pretty proud of ourselves for it, too!

The storm did come through, as predicted, with about five inches of wet snow. Before it had time to melt away, another winter storm followed it. This morning, the dogs are barking up a storm inside as the young man that does my plowing clears almost of foot of snow from my driveway. I’m glad the dogs and I took advantage of spring weather when it made its brief appearance!


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  1. Wonderful, Cindy. And very wise of you to walk out in your cloth shoes. Who cares that they got soaked. It’s just all part of the experience, you and your dogs. I have a couple of dogs too and know exactly what that connection feels like; the pleasure to be had in walking together through melting snow and over frozen paths.

    D is for Deep Play

  2. We got a dumping of about 8″ in MN too! The sun is out today and the snow looks lovely (now that I’m done with shoveling), but those mean guys on TV are telling us we’re in for more this week. Probably that icky “winter mix” that’s so treacherous.

    The springtime walk with the dogs sounds like it was wonderful, despite the muck. I’m sure Darla and Rosa Parks were happy to take advantage while they could.

    Here’s to a permanent (for 2018) entrance of spring!

    • Yes, I’m ready for spring…though the fresh snow looks so beautiful – especially instead of the mud it is covering – that I can appreciate it, too. Knowing, of course, that it can’t possibly last too much longer, this time of year!

  3. i’ve seen the ‘snow’ headlines, goodness, this world’s weather is definitely strange.. i’m also wondering about snow melt and the lower mississippi river.. surely they’re going to have an extreme ‘spring flood.’ no time to check but soon, perhaps, i’ll check those river-gauge stats…

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