Daily Archives: April 1, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #14 (and Day #1 of the April A ~ Z Challenge)



[What?!? Something MORE than the 52 Lists? Yes! Crazy as I am, I have signed up to participate in the April A ~ Z challenge. That means I’ll be posting a blog every day in April. Except for Sundays. Other than THIS Sunday. Each day’s post will be themed with the coordinating letter of the alphabet, starting today, with the letter A.]

List everything you feel passionate about:

(Today, for sport, everything I feel passionate about begins with the letter A)

  • Articulation, via the written word. Which is why I do crazy things. Like commit to writing, longhand, three pages every morning as a start to my day. Like agree to write every day in a month that includes a twelve-day trip away from home with seven of those days on a Florida vacation.
  • A good book. I am very passionate about reading.
  • A good meal.
  • Alan Alda. Isn’t he the best?
  • Art. I enjoy making art, teaching art classes, looking at art and reading about art.
  • Agriculture. On such a small scale that it is probably better called gardening. In any case, I’m pretty passionate about it.
  • Animals. My two dogs in particular.
  • Ancestry. It seems the more I learn about my family, the more I understand myself.
  • Associations. Though I consider myself a loner, I treasure contact with family and friends.
  • Almost all word games. Including this one.