Daily Archives: March 22, 2018

Timeout for Art: Time for Art!


stairway leading to the studio

This week, the stars and planets aligned: work hours, energy levels, inspiration, determination, materials at hand and a willingness to use them, and the cooperation of two often needy dogs all fell into place! On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I spent much of  my time in the studio.

I hooked the curtains open, so that the heat could get upstairs, and left them that way. So,when a few minutes – or a few hours – presented itself, I could follow the steps up to the studio. I have plenty of cleaning and organizing to do up there, and spent some time on that. I decided that if I were to wait until that was all done before allowing myself to make art, I would never get to it. So, I balanced my time between several different things. My mother used to call it “running around like a chicken with her head cut off.” It is often my favorite way to work!

I cleared the press of all of the work I had piled on it, as I’d been using it as a work surface. I cleared the drafting table of the mounds of collage papers and scraps that were preventing me from using it as it was intended. I cleaned out one deep desk drawer of everything that had accumulated there in the last ten years. In between times, I worked on art.

I pulled out a stack of small collages that needed to be tweaked. Finished, I dampened each one and stacked them between sheets of waxed paper, then weighted them down with a pile of short shelves, so that they would dry flat. I matted a few others, and measured them for frames. I started six new collages based on a dream (that left me with the suggestion that I should use the color red as a neutral). I set up the mat cutter and cut backer board down to size for collagraph plates. And I started six new plates!

It was a good, productive time, and has made me feel anxious to get back into the studio!




This large collage needs some finishing touches, but it’s getting there.


New collagraph plates, in progress.