Daily Archives: March 4, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #10



List the ways that you feel lucky:

  • I’m lucky to have a good memory. Not everyone does. I’ve been told that my mother’s mother had a photographic memory. Mine’s not that good.
  • I am fortunate to be a reader, with good comprehension. It makes me feel like the whole world is accessible, if I have the time to read. I have learned how to do many things through written instructions, from crochet to encaustic painting to strength training to building shelves. Books have broadened my knowledge, opened my mind to new ideas, and entertained me. I can’t imagine a life without reading.
  • I am lucky to to have the family that I have,
  • And the friends that I have.
  • I am lucky to live on Beaver Island,
  • And to have been born in this country.
  • I am healthy,
  • Able to work,
  • And support myself.