Daily Archives: February 25, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness)Project #9



List all the little things that happened today that brought you joy:

Today was not a joyous day. I hit the snooze button twice, though I promised myself I’d stop doing that. My plan has been to wake up excited about the day, and leap out of bed with energy and enthusiasm. I did not do my yoga routine, though I promised myself that I would. Every. Single. Day. I was out of cream for my coffee. We had an ice storm in the night.

It was necessary to scrape and chip ice from the windshield of my car before I could use it to navigate down treacherous roads to go to work. At work, my boss made it very clear that the cleaning and rearranging I’ve been doing in the gift shop and vet clinic did not meet with his approval. But when I offered to put things back the way they were, he snapped, “Just leave it alone. Don’t waste any more time on it.” I didn’t think I’d been “wasting” time. Cleaning is a priority this time of year, when business is slow. As I cleaned, I moved things to show them off to [what I thought was] better advantage. Clearly, without success. Or at least not to his approval.

By the time I left work, I had cried once, and was ready to cry again. I stopped at the station to get cream. Then, simply because I felt so miserable, and because, what the hell, I’d already broken two promises to myself today, may as well go for broke, I also bought a bag of Krunchers Kettle Cooked Mesquite Barbecue Potato Chips. I started eating them in the car on the way home. So there!

It’s too slippery to go for a walk. The house is chilly. The dogs want attention, and all I want is to sit and feel sorry for myself. But, I’m just avoiding the assignment, aren’t I?

List all the little things that happened today that brought you joy:

  • I only hit the snooze button twice…ten minutes of stolen rest…which is much better than the hour I usually take, in five-minute increments, before getting out of bed. I felt pretty proud of myself for it, too, and like I was making true progress.
  • I did “Morning Pages,” three pages of unfiltered, stream-of-consciousness writing in longhand, for the second day in a row. For many years, after reading The Artist’s Way¬†by Julia Cameron, I wrote three pages every single morning. Then I fell out of the habit. I’ve decided to pick it up again. Two days in a row is not much, but better than total failure. If I had stopped at one, it would have been hard to start again.
  • My daughter, Kate, called. A joy, anytime, but especially when it happens unexpectedly on a Sunday morning, because she wanted to discuss my birthday present. My birthday is in August. This child plans ahead!
  • At work, I brought out the St. Patrick’s Day merchandise, and dressed the large beaver in green.
  • Knowing that I have the next two days off.
  • Knowing that tomorrow morning, there will be cream for the coffee.
  • Krunchers Kettle Cooked Mesquite Barbecue Potato Chips.