Daily Archives: January 21, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #4



List the things that get you out of your head:

Let me just say, first of all, that I am rarely “out of my head.” I tend to over-analyze, worry, dwell on the past, and fuss over the future. I’m working on it. There are a few things, though, that I can get lost in.

  • A good book. Not “good” meaning classic, or “good for me.” I’m talking about a page-turner. Whether mystery, thriller, or just a well-written novel, good writing gets me out of my own head and into the territory the words are introducing to me.
  • A long walk. When the weather is mild and the dogs are cooperative, when I have set aside the time so that I don’t feel pressure to get back to something else…I can sometimes be just fully immersed in the experience.
  • A hot bath is like spa-time. I add scented salts to the water, light candles, push any concerns away and relax into the steamy water.
  • Sometimes, a movie. Unfortunately, movies have lost a lot of their magic, and with it their ability to hold my complete attention. I still enjoy them, while working in the studio, or on another project, but it takes a special movie to get me out of my head.
  • Working in the studio, when everything is going well. When one idea leads to another, or the way forward seems clear, and the work is exciting to me. Then, everything else falls away, and I am just completely in-the-moment.