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52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #2



List #2: List the routines in your personal life and work:

  • First upon getting up in the morning, I put on my glasses, give each dog some “good morning” attention, turn on the bathroom heater, make the bed, then make coffee.
  • While the coffee is brewing, I work my way through a series of easy, gentle yoga postures from the book, A Morning Cup of Yoga, by Jane Goad Trechsel. The routine is designed to take no more than fifteen or twenty minutes. This is fairly new to me, after starting and abandoning the practice several years ago. Because of that, I have not yet made it through the whole program. I am working on forming the habit, and I take more time with each posture, in order to get it right. It makes me feel good, so I don’t dwell on where I fall short.
  • Next, I sit down at the computer. I check my mail, social media and the news.
  • I pack my lunch and fill my thermos with coffee. I set two small heart-shaped dishes out on the counter, and put a small scoop of soft dog food in each. I crush the pill Rosa Parks takes each day, and mix it into the food in her dish
  • By that time, the bathroom is warm enough for me to get in the shower, get dressed and ready for work.
  • When I come out of the bathroom, Darla is waiting to give me the “sad eyes” as I put on boots and coat. She perks up when she remembers there’s a treat in it for her. I gather up my purse and lunch bag. I put the dog dishes down, admonishing each of them to “take good care of things,” pick up my coffee cup and head out the door.
  • At work, there is no set routine. It varies depending on the season and the business. Some days are filled with mixing paint, cutting pipe and making keys. Other days, ordering or putting away freight occupies long hours. This time of year, many days are spent with off-season tasks of re-organizing and deep cleaning.
  • Home in the evening, I greet the dogs, drop my things inside the door, and take a walk. Length is dependent on the weather, and my level of exhaustion.
  • Next, I set a timer for 30 minutes, and spend that time cleaning. Usually there is laundry to be put through the paces, rugs to shake, and floors to sweep. Almost always, there are dishes in the drainer to be put away, so that a fresh batch can be washed and left there to drain-dry.
  • I feed the dogs, and then prepare my own dinner. Sometimes, I pour a glass of wine at this time. I usually watch a program, or read a magazine, while eating.
  • Next, I wash the dishes.
  • Then, there is a little free time. I may talk on the telephone, read or crochet. Sometimes, I put in an hour or two in the studio.
  • These winter days, when darkness comes early, it doesn’t take long before I’m ready for bed.

[There is an “action” section at the end of each page’s list. This one suggests taking note of the routines that you dislike, and paying attention to the ones that bring you joy; it then asks what is it about those routines that bring you joy.]