Daily Archives: November 28, 2017

One Big Discouragement




After several days of mostly gray, the sun is shining bright this morning. My spirits needed it. A short exchange yesterday left me feeling dispirited.

When I turned on the computer yesterday morning, a message popped up from my friend, Linda. It directed me to her social media page, to look at a response to something she had posted. It took me a minute to find it. Linda had put up a news blurb about Massachusetts making birth control free to all residents. She had commented briefly, basically saying “Good for them,” and “I knew there was a reason I’ve always loved the east coast.” Certainly, with all the things, these days, to argue about, I wouldn’t have thought this was anything that would stir controversy.

First, someone said, “It’s not ‘free.’ Someone has to pay for it.” Linda said, “Well, I hope it’s my taxes, then…” and that was the end of that. Then someone else weighed in:

“The Illegals will out number us one day if we don’t start to repopulate at a faster rate… Americans aren’t having kids and our numbers are going down with us only having 2 maybe 3 kids and the Illegals having 5 or 6, they will out number us 2 to 1 in the coming years… America as we know it is over and change of race is on the rise… We will never be great again.. We will die out if it keeps going like it is …wait and see…Americans are being taking over by our own way of living..We need to start having larger families to safeguard our own race… we are killing our selves off by not reproducing … it’s really true and it’s happening right under our noses… wake up and look at the numbers of Illegals and our own…”


Linda was equally disbelieving (“are you joking???”), but dove in to talk about the expense of raising children, the numbers of babies born to homes that can’t afford to support them and the impracticality of the whole idea. The woman shot back:

“I’m not saying anything but the facts and the facts show white American will be the minority in just a few years and Illegals will out number us… So unless we start to increase our numbers we will be out bred and out numbered! We will loose to a group of people who do not want our laws but their own instead and unless we open our eyes and look at the numbers it is already happening… anyone can check on it yourselves… National study shows we will be out numbered in a few short years… they still are having 4,5 and 6 kids…. we pay for it now and will pay for it more later… they don’ t have to worry about taking over now they just come here and raise their kids and let them have kids and before you know it they will out number us and take over will just happen….may not in your lifetime but it will happen and there is nothing to do but sit back and watch it happen if we don’t start having larger familes to replace our elderly and those who die…. less are being born and more are dying then are being replaced… Numbers don’t lie…and neither am I… watch it is already happening…, I don’t think I’m superior to anyone but we are talking about our own race of Americans and the hate for us is still going up and I am a survivor and want to see us live on and not die out like we are heading… We need a breading program to help our own race stay strong… We are killing ourselves off and I hate to see it happen,,, Most illegals don’t respect our laws or beliefs I just hate to see it all end… We were great once but never again I fear… didn’t mean to go on but I feel very strongly about us being bred out.. like the animals we kill off we not do it to ourselves…. I pray the Spirits watch over us and help us to stay around….”

I know better, but I jumped in anyway:

“…you say “illegals,” but your narrative seems to actually be speaking of “non-white.” And your entire conversation sounds much like Hitler, wanting to repopulate and reinforce his “master race.” If you look very closely at when America was “great,” you’ll see that a segment of the population was, yes, and the country as a whole looked good to the world in business, technology and industry…but there was a lot of suffering that didn’t get a voice. I, for one, do not want to be “great” if it is at the expense of the suffering of others. We are capable of better. We are a country made up of great individuals. When the whole world is at a breaking point when it comes to overpopulation, the loss of “your people” should be of little concern…we are on the verge of losing everything. I don’t know you, but you are dangerously misinformed.”

Then my younger daughter noticed the conversation, and added her opinion:

“So? If white is the minority? To admit you don’t want to be a minority is admitting that perhaps things aren’t going so fairly for minorities.. .Its 2017, I do not care at all about skin color and I certainly am not concerned if I belong to the group with the most members. What I DO hope dies out is your sad racist bloodline.”

(I’m so proud of her!)

It was all very exhilarating…but just for a moment. Then the reality set in: somebody really thinks this way. Based on the very little I know about the woman (her profile picture, her grammar), she is not stupid…but pretty bold in her defense of some – in my opinion – unkind, divisive and down-right dangerous ideas. That’s when it struck me: she is not alone. She has discussed these thoughts before; she has heard them from others; there is support for this way of thinking. That’s when the gray of the weather infected my mood, and I spent a long day wagging my head back and forth and wondering, “How did we come to this?”

This morning, the sun is out. Today, I can relegate her ignorant opinions to the collection of others that I am struggling to live my life around, without falling into despair. Today, I will look at what’s good and right in this world…and enjoy the sunshine.