Daily Archives: October 16, 2017

This Frosty Morning



Getting out of bed was hard this morning. The little dog was sleeping tight against my back, and I was cozy under the covers. The house was cold. Outside, the grass looked like velvet. Frost!

I haven’t been outside to investigate, yet. I’m sitting next to the heater, in my warm bathrobe, drinking steamy coffee. From what I see looking out the windows, though, I think we just experienced the first “killing” frost of the season.

That signals the end of the garden. No more tomatoes, coming in half-ripe to finish up on the kitchen counter. No more green beans. Every mature bean I picked was a surprise this time of year as they continued to grow and even put out new blossoms. I put the last little handful of them in a vegetable soup the other day. This morning, the vines are dark. The progress of the pumpkin that I’ve been watching as it pushed from green to orange will be done now. No more ripening squash. It’s all done now.

It’s time, then, to pull up the plants, remove the weeds that have managed to push up through the mulch, and cover the whole space with straw. Time to drain the hose, roll it up and hang it in the shed. Put away the shovel and the hoe. I plan to spread organic fertilizer (cotton-seed meal) over the straw this fall, and let it work its way into the soil over the winter. Then, I’ll be finished with the garden until spring.

It’s time to start thinking about winter projects. First, though, I think I’ll take time to relish the coming glorious days of fall!