Daily Archives: October 10, 2017

On the Agenda



Yesterday was a wildly productive day off! I went to bed (on clean sheets, no less!) feeling very self-satisfied with all the progress I’d made in many directions. Today, I am facing a day with an even more full agenda, as a direct consequence.

Yesterday, I went through the files and pulled out the masses of out-dated and unnecessary papers. Today, they need to be taken care of. In checking the local news, I noted that today is the beginning of the fall sale at our local grocery store. Yesterday, I started a list; today, I’ll do the shopping. In cleaning out shelves, closets and drawers, I gathered quite a collection of things to be donated to the library and the re-sale shop. I’ll box them up today.

Yesterday, I cleaned, peeled and stewed all the ripe tomatoes that had been attracting fruit flies on my kitchen counter. I now have two kettles of stewed tomatoes in the refrigerator that today need to be packaged for the freezer (add freezer containers to the grocery list). The freezer needs to be cleaned out and organized, before I put anything else in it. So, cleaning the refrigerator and freezer is on the agenda for today.

Yesterday, I caught up on laundry, including the bed linens. I used the last of the detergent, and am out of the ingredients to make more. So, I add washing soda, borax and Fels Naptha soap to the grocery list, and plan to make detergent today.

Yesterday, I watered and fertilized all the houseplants. I transplanted a few that had outgrown their containers, and pruned and trimmed as I went along. I noticed that the weight of the plants hanging from an iron rod in the north window in the dining room has pulled the trim board away from the wall, where it is hovering at a dangerous angle threatening to give way any day. Today, I need to work out a different set-up for my plants. Maybe I can put some shelves together, or distribute them throughout the house, or devise a better method for hanging them. In any case, that’s on today’s list, too.

At the end of a busy, productive day, I watched a movie. Because I frequently rent a movie and then don’t find the time to watch it, that is also counted as one of my accomplishments. Because the movie is due back today, returning it is also on today’s agenda.

Too often, days off devolve into hour after hour of time wasted, and good intentions gone awry. Yesterday was not like that…and I’m paying the price today!