Daily Archives: September 25, 2017

Hot Days in September



The temperatures here over the last week – including on the first full day of autumn – have been unseasonable high. Mount Pleasant, Michigan was the hottest place in the whole United States the other day! Here on Beaver Island – almost unheard of any time of year – we’ve enjoyed a whole string of days with readings in the 90’s!

From  what I see and hear at the hardware store, some of us are enjoying it, anyway. I’ve sold fans, grills, beach toys and fishing gear as if it were mid-summer. I’ve heard stories of long days on the beach or out on the water, all the more special for being unexpected. I, of course, was at work hearing about it, not out having fun.

Still, I have found time to enjoy this bonus heat wave. I’ve driven to the Fox Lake in the afternoon to let the dogs cool off in the water, windows wide open to the fresh air all the way. I’ve wandered in the shade of woods and fields to get the last blackberries. I’ve made my way through the garden, stepping carefully, now, to avoid the wandering vines and splayed-out tomato plants. And I’ve stepped outside in the evening to see the stars and take advantage of the cooler air.

It is, these days, almost too warm for good sleep. I’ve heard it from others, too. For each person grinning about an unseasonable beach day, someone else is saying, “I can’t stand the heat!” And even I, who loves the warmth, have had moments where it has seemed just too hot. While working on a project yesterday (which is why I’m writing this a day late), I had to keep stopping to wipe the away sweat that was running into my eyes. I took breaks just to get a glass of water and sit in the shade!

What goes through my mind, though, is, “Of course it won’t last.” That helps me to appreciate the weather today. The other thing that comes to mind is the inevitable cold, icy discomfort of winter. In February, won’t these bonus summer days be a nice memory?