Daily Archives: September 17, 2017

Late in the Day



It’s 6 P.M. on this Sunday…almost time to feed the dogs, think about my own supper, and settle in for the evening. Instead, I am brewing a half-pot of coffee, to see if it will result in enough energy to tackle some of the many tasks on my list.

I rarely make more than one pot of coffee per day and – though it seems like I drink a lot of it, as I am often refilling and re-heating it – almost never finish all of it. Though I drink coffee all day at work, I seldom drink it once I get home in the evening.  I’ll probably regret my exception today: the caffeine will likely kick in when I would like to go to sleep tonight, and I’ll be mad at myself for stupidly falling off my schedule again.

Right now, though, it seems like the best idea. I’ve been thinking of how much I’d like to lay down on the couch and get a little sleep…for the last several hours. Instead of indulging that urge, I put laundry through the paces, and stumbled through other chores. It’s too late now for a midday nap; it’s too early to go to bed. So…coffee it is.

My writing habit is usually – and best – handled in the morning. My mind seems clearer then, and my mood is brighter. I usually turn on the computer as soon as I get up. While the coffee is brewing, I drink a big glass of water, check the news and my mail. Then, over my first cup of coffee, if it’s a day to write, I write.

I’m trying, though, to get back into a regular walking habit. This morning, rather than turn on the computer, I took Darla for a walk down the Fox Lake Road. Then, showered and changed, I went to town for a busy day of work at the hardware store. After work, it was blackberry-picking time.

Until a frost ends the season, I will accept nature’s bounty without complaint, no matter how much it cuts into my day. Picking blackberries is a prickly job, but not a hard one. It’s almost meditative in the wandering repetitiveness of it. It’s good outdoor time for the dogs. Whether I’m picking along the mowed paths on my Grandpa’s wood lot, or just circling my back yard, it’s a task with a sweet reward. So, with two quarts of fresh berries cleaned and refrigerated, the long list of “to-do”s was next.

Laundry is, at least, uncomplicated. It’s just a matter of transferring things from one machine to another, then folding and putting away. Other tasks can be tucked into the in-between moments while waiting for loads to finish.

The rest of the list, though, takes thought, planning and decision-making. Before clearing the papers from the table, should  I take the time to pay the bills that are waiting there, to balance the checkbook, and to straighten the files? Do I want to empty and clean the inside of the refrigerator…and that one especially messy cupboard…or just give the room a surface clean and move on? Should I just head upstairs to the studio, and leave the cleaning for tomorrow? Through it all, the sofa is calling me…and my list of tasks is hardly diminished.

So, at six o’clock in the evening, I make coffee, and sit down to write. A few complaints combined with a not-too-upbeat rundown of my activities so far. That’s the best I can muster this late in the day. At least it’s one more thing I can mark as “done!”