Daily Archives: May 7, 2017

Sunshine and Possibilities



Sunday morning…with two whole days off ahead…holds the most potential of the whole week for me. Add sunshine, and it’s a transcendent pause, filled with hope and possibility.

A sense of calm envelopes me as I start my day. I move a stack of mail and two magazines to make room to open my journal. There are no feelings of guilt or reproach at the messy table. There will be time to sort and file the papers.  With the same ease of mind, I move dog toys aside with my foot as I make my way to the coffee pot. I watch the sun streaming through the sliding glass doors with hardly a thought to the specks and smears that mar the glass. There will be time.

I look out over the back yard; I appreciate the softness of the lawn and the shadows that play across the grass. I acknowledge that the mower should be put to use soon, but there is no stress associated with that thought. It’s the same as I walk through the garden. I make mental notes of the areas that need attention, but it doesn’t worry me.

With a cup of coffee in front of me, I turn my attention to today’s date in my journal. It is, right now, a full, blank page. I make a note to remind me to get to the grocery store today (it’s only open until 1 PM) to buy dog food. I start lists of things I want to give my time and attention to today. “Write” is first on the list, then “Walk” because the sun is shining and the dogs look forward to it. Under “Cleaning” I note “windows” and “laundry.” I prefer to add chores¬†after I’ve finished them, rather than start right off with a long list of “to-do”s. Likewise, I jot headings for “Yard,” “Garden” and “Studio,” and leave space to add my accomplishments later.

There. I pour a second cup of coffee, and drink it while paging through a magazine.

Tomorrow, or the next day, every single “yet-to-do” item will be a cause of angst and self-recrimination. Not today. Today, there is time…and possibility. This morning it’s all about hope…and sunshine!