Daily Archives: April 25, 2017

These Days



These days, I wake up with physical reminders of allergies that go unnoticed for much of the year. These early spring days, I am snuffly and itchy. My vision is blurred because my eyes water continuously. My head feels heavy; my mind is foggy.

These days, with the weather of short sleeves and fewer layers just around the corner, there is no more time to “think about” the diet and exercise plan. The time for action is now.

These days, one hundred outdoor projects call to me every day. There is weeding and raking to do in every flower bed, and in the yard as a whole. Shrubs need to be shaped and pruned. The climbing rose needs to have its wicked, thorny vines guided up the trellis. There are still (still!) windfall twigs and branches to be picked up, though I’ve been gathering them by the hundreds for weeks now. Then there’s the garden. With fences to be repaired and soil to be worked, weeding, pruning, planning, planting and transplanting, it is a source of unending and overwhelming obligation.

These days, when the summer season with the shop and gallery openings is right around the corner, all on-going and unfinished projects in the art studio become more pressing. If I’m going to have new work to show, it has to be finished right away. Then there is mounting, matting and framing to consider. Things that were relegated to “extra time” and “lazy days” are now urgent, and crucial, and vying for space at the top of the priority list.

Sharing that crowded top-of-the-list spot are all of the items on my wintertime agenda that have still not been completed. Deep cleaning here, a major “sort and purge” there, a few home repair plans and several reorganization intentions still wait for my attention, after the long winter of Too Little Accomplished.

These days, it’s hard to know what the weather will be. One unseasonably warm day is often followed by cold rain, wind, and unreasonable cold. Sunday, with only a light sweater over my clothes, I walked three miles with the big dog. Yesterday, having dragged my winter parka back out of the closet, I did a few turns around the yard gathering up branches and dog toys. Last week, three days of cold rain kept me inside. Fortunately, whatever the climate dictates, I have a project waiting!