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Timeout for Art: Life as Art



IMG_0407This is not to suggest that MY life is art, though I love the idea. My life is mostly common. I can’t seem to even get the flamboyant signature and creative swagger that would identify me as an artist. Now and then, though, I come upon someone who, through and through, lives their life as art. This morning, while procrastinating about some writing I have to get done, and contemplating what half-finished piece of art to try to talk about, I was reading through some of the other blogs I follow. Martha Marshall, An Artist’s Journal, had wonderful visuals of studio and works -in-progress, and wise words about showing up. From comments on her essay, I was led to the writings of Valorie Grace Hallinan. Oh, my! First, her writing, which is lovely.  Her concerns for the earth resonated with me, and the reminder of the wonderful essays of Wendell Berry was much appreciated. Finally, this video clip of an interview Berry did with Bill Moyers…wonderful! Some people truly live their lives as art! This made my day! I’m sharing the whole thing!


“I can tell you confidently that the many owners of small farms, shops, and stores, and the self-employed craftspeople who were thriving in my county in 1945, did not think of their work as ‘a job.’ Most of these people, along with most skilled employees who worked in their home county or home town, have […]

via Wendell Berry’s Our Only World — Books Can Save A Life