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Artifacts to Memories: Metal Bed Frame



My bed frame consists of a headboard and footboard formed to resemble bent wood and dowels, and two metal side rails that hold everything together. I can set it up or tear it down by myself and, when disassembled – not counting mattress and box spring – it is easily stored in a small space.

That’s good, because, it seems, my little house is often in flux. Over the years that I’ve lived here, I have converted this small bedroom, by turns, to studio, guest room, storage space and office. Now, it is back to its original purpose of being my bedroom. And the double bed is back to being the bed that I sleep in.

My husband and I picked this bed frame up in Imlay City, from an older couple who had it outside leaning against the garage. Prior to this acquisition, our bed was just a cheap metal frame  to hold the mattress and box spring. It pushed up against an unattached headboard that was just for show. It was a bookcase style, covered in white vinyl. I loved the bookcase aspect of it; I hated the vinyl.

We found this one advertised in the newspaper. It was either twenty dollars, or free, I can’t remember which. We got an enormous old clothes dryer the same year, also used. One item we paid for, the other we didn’t. Both were good investments.

I used the dryer for thirty years, replacing the belt twice. I finally replaced it with a new model for the improvements in energy efficiency, not because it had ever failed me. The bed frame is still in use today.

When we got it, the frame was missing the caster on one leg. My husband cut a chunk of 2 x 4 lumber to level it out, until we could buy a replacement caster. Though forty years have gone by (and I work in a hardware store…that sells casters!), one leg is still held up by that same old chunk of wood. I still plan to replace it with a proper caster…someday.