Daily Archives: December 27, 2016

No Title, No Substance



Well, I knew it was going to happen eventually.

It seems I have nothing at all to say, today.

Notice, I did not say “nothing of substance.” That is often the case. I find I can go on for quite some time about a bit of trivial nonsense. Today, we’ll see how I do with absolutely nothing.

After a string of gray days, I do not have a good photo as accompaniment. Sometimes a good picture will inspire a bit of writing. Not today. This shadow self-portrait seems appropriate for this bit of empty rambling.

Likewise, a nice title can lead the way. I have a collection of titles, gleaned from poetry and other writings, for artwork that I have not created yet. On days when I’m fumbling in the studio for a place to start, or a direction to take with a work in progress, I go through my list of titles. Sometimes I find just exactly the stimulus or clarification I need. It works with writing, too. In November I made a quick list (Potatoes; Swim; Bicycle; Apples…) and chose from that list a title. Then – like an assignment –  I used it as the jumping-off point for my writing that day. I have one item left on the list: Ice Cream. It’s freezing outside; I am in no mood to write about ice cream today!

It’s the year’s end; that’s part of it, I’m sure. There’s a self-sabotage instinct that kicks in when success is near. I’m not sure if it’s a fear of completion or an aversion to success, but it has haunted me throughout my life. In view of the finish line, I tend to freeze. And that finish line is in sight. Five days until the end of this year; five more days until I can say I have successfully posted a blog every single day of the year. So, that’s where I run out of steam.

Fortunately, I’m also stubborn. I am not going to give up now. I will get something out each day, through December 31st. It may not be important, poignant, or even interesting, but I am too close, now, to give up.