Daily Archives: December 20, 2016

Reflections on a Day Off


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“An object in motion stays in motion; an object at rest stays at rest.”

Unless, of course, acted on by another force. The force of gravity will slow down and eventually stop a moving object if not other force does it first. A big push (the force of energy) will start a static (at rest) object in motion. That’s one of Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. I thought of it yesterday when – after writing a list of things that I was going to accomplish – I spent several more hours sitting at the desk.

I did some writing for the next issue of the Beacon. I looked over some things that were sent for inclusion in the magazine, and moved them to folders. I answered a couple Emails. I read a few blogs that I subscribe to, and replied to several generous comments made about my own blog over the last few days. I spoke to Aunt Katie, decided what my contribution for Christmas dinner would be, and took down a short list of things she needed from the grocery store. I read the news, and checked the weather. I called my bank about a missing check, then balanced my checkbook. I paid my bills. I wrote a letter. All were important tasks, though none were on my list.

Finally, I forced myself to move. I gave the bathroom a quick wipe-down, then started a load of laundry. I pulled on sweats over my pajamas, and took the dogs for a walk down the Fox Lake Road. It was cold, as expected, but also windy and quite icy. I brought my camera, but it was kind of a poor day for taking pictures, with blowing snow under a gray sky. ¬†We didn’t walk as far or stay outside as long as I’d planned, but it did all of us some good.

By that time, I had collected quite a list of things that required a trip to town. I had letters to mail, rental movies to return and packages to pick up at the airport. I wanted to stop at the library. I had Aunt Katie’s grocery list, and a fairly long one of my own. Time to get in the shower and get dressed. 1PM is, in fact, a perfectly reasonable – and usual – time for getting dressed around my house, on a day off.

Chores in town took up most of the rest of the day. No deep cleaning at my house; no baking; no decorating. My first day off is often like that, because always, in the back of my mind, I think, “There’s always tomorrow.” Well, this is tomorrow. A shipment came in to the hardware store, of nuts and bolts and fittings. I maintain that section of the store, so I will go in and get a start at checking in and putting away. I have to clean at Aunt Katie’s today, too. Right now, I’m not very hopeful about my own list!