Daily Archives: December 18, 2016

The 52 Lists Project #51



List the things that you want to be known for:

  • I’d like to be recognized as an artist. Not just as someone who spends a lot of time in the studio and spends too much money on materials…not just as someone who sometimes makes something good or worthwhile or even beautiful…but as a serious artist.
  • I’d like to be known as a writer. Having never published anything beyond a few letters to the editor, articles in my own news-magazine, and this blog, it’s not likely…but I’d like it, nonetheless.
  • I’d like to be known for my good cooking. On Beaver Island, there are legends that live on beyond the person: Aunt Joy’s cinnamon rolls; Catherine White’s good bread; Rose’s ginger cookies, Madonna’s homemade Irish cream. I’d love to be remembered for a special dish like that!
  • I’d like to be known, most importantly, as a decent person: as a good daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and friend, and as someone who tries to stand up for what is right, who has a good moral compass, a kind heart and a respectable set of ethics.