Daily Archives: December 15, 2016

Timeout for Art: Red is the Color of a Brazilian Goddess


“Red is the Color of a Brazilian Goddess”

That’s a long title for a small (approximately 12″ x 16″) painting, but that’s the mood it sets, for me. Red exudes power…and status…but also heat, energy and simple exuberant fun. I played with several of these small studies, having in mind a larger (maybe 4′ x 6′) wall-sized, predominantly red painting. I put a lot of large scale ideas, including this one, on hold for lack of space. Nothing has changed there. My studio is still a ten by twelve foot room at the top of the stairs, jam packed with books, materials, artwork leaning against every wall, a drafting table and an extremely bulky printing press. Still, this painting called strongly to me today. Maybe it’s time!