Daily Archives: December 11, 2016

The 52 Lists Project #50



List your accomplishments:

  • In the fifth or sixth grade, I placed in a Spelling Bee for the archdiocese of Detroit, and won a rosary – in a deep blue leather case – that had been blessed by the pope.
  • I endured – mostly with joy – two pregnancies, two deliveries, two beautiful babies, two precocious toddlers, two charming daughters who grew into two trying teen-agers and then two wonderful adults. I take credit for all the good things, and list this as the accomplishment in my life that has brought me the most pride and happiness. One of my daughters is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Kate!
  • I got divorced, when it was necessary, though it was unheard of in my family and frowned on by the church I grew up in.
  • I started college as an adult with two children. I earned an Associate’s Degree first. After my divorce, I returned to college and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and then a Master of Fine Arts Degree.
  • I successfully wrote a grant for the Beaver Island Community School that brought music, fine art, craft and enrichment classes to the students and adults in the community.
  • I’ve displayed my art work in several fine galleries and have had it accepted in nationwide art shows.
  • I have owned three businesses. The first was an art gallery and frame shop in my home town of Lapeer, Michigan. The second was – in partnership with my sister, Sheila – a retail store on Beaver Island offering “earth-friendly products for kitchen, garden and bath.” The third is the news-magazine, the Beaver Beacon, that I still struggle with today. Though I count each of these businesses as “accomplishments,” it would be a stretch to count any of them as a “success.”
  • I won five hundred dollars in a nationwide essay contest on minorities. My topic was Women as a Recognized Minority.”
  • I have a reputation as a good and loyal employee.
  • I have almost completed – no reason to think I won’t, at this time – a year of posting a blog every day. Today is, counting last December 31st and the extra day in February, the 348th!