Daily Archives: December 5, 2016

Healing Energy


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Purple, to me, is a healing color.

My bathroom is palest violet. A fat purple candle, along with smooth rocks and bits of beach glass, sits on a stand in front of the window. I often have lavender salts for the bath.

I have blue pillowcases to match my sheets, and white pillowcases as extras. When I’m sick, though, I change them out for soft purple ones, and feel that helps the healing process.

I have a little meditation that I do, that involves breathing in good energy, and breathing out the bad. Because I am a visual person, I assign colors to the energies. I breathe out a kind of cloying, ugly yellow-green. I breathe in purple.

There is another thing that I do when I’m going into situations where I feel I need protection. I envision a protective bubble around me, as a barrier against whatever might come at me. Of course, the bubble is purple.

Sometimes, not often, I can see auras of color around people. I understand it simply as visible energy, and don’t read much into it beyond that. Gathered together with family and friends recently, I was pleased to see a purple glow around every one there. I was the one being healed, with that energy.