I Didn’t Know I Had the Power



I didn’t know I had the power…until it was gone.

I never saw Clinton as a perfect choice. She has been in the public eye and under scrutiny for so many years, of course there were issues. I heard all the “lesser of two evils” talk, and understood.  I grew up in the age of Camelot; I want a hero.

Clinton didn’t quite fit that mold. Still, many of the flaws that were cited in her actions have been overlooked or down-played in male politicians for years. I felt she was held to a higher standard because of her gender, but she seemed up to that challenge.  I didn’t choose her because she was female, though I have long thought that women in high places would offer possibilities and solutions we haven’t even dreamed of.

Clinton was my candidate of choice, for many reasons. Some reached back to the Democratic household I grew up in. Others were firmly settled in this present day: issues of gun control, conservation of natural resources, respect for all people, no matter their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender. This election was important to me, as a woman in this world, and to the planet I want to keep safe.

As the election drew closer, there was a subtle shift in thinking. It became a point of pride that Clinton was not only the best candidate and my choice, but that she was female. I got almost giddy at the prospect. I felt stronger, as a woman, than I have since the 1970s: those heady, early years of the modern feminist movement. I was proud to vote for a woman, as my choice for President of the United States.

And then it was gone.

I am devastated.

Clearly, many voters saw and heard things from the other candidate that escaped me completely. I will, as we all should, jump on the bandwagon of unity, and support for the candidate of choice. The system has, crazily, worked.

I am not afraid…well I am a little afraid…for our country. Thank God for experts in every field to advise those in authority, and for our system of checks and balances. The United States will survive.

I am heartbroken to see that in the 21st century, in a place where women can vote, this country has chosen a misogynist buffoon over a woman. That not only strips me of the heady power I was feeling at the thought of a woman in our highest office, it makes me realize women as a whole are not doing as well in this world as I thought. And that scares the hell out of me.

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  1. oh cindy, you join thousands of others, and as i have watched this from afar, it’s seemed that ‘he’ was a make–believe puppet – controlled from afar by a team of scary people… and they are the ones rejoicing… he has hooked the weak in mind/spirit who are looking for something/anything to get them to a better place, as they don’t like what we’ve had.. and anything is better… the election represents the craving for a change, at the expense of the uncertainty of our future…

    we cannot look back, so mourn, but then look forward and work on what we have control over.. and that’s the quality of our day… make it count, amiga… i am going to turn off the ‘media’ and disconnect while focusing on lots of tasks….

    hang in there.. we can hope that he’ll take his leadership seriously and evolve into a good leader…

    always the optimist,


      • I think that he might turn over some rocks and find some interesting things that are not too pretty.. I also think that if that happens, public reaction might go a bit scary… he is a natural at manipulating others for an effect, punching the right buttons, and yes, we all need to be on guard and hope the system of checks and balances is strong… hopefully he is going to reach down and do his best and maybe not make our country look like the comedy or tragedy out of a fiction novel… we have to stay positive, yet also be smart… thanks as well, cindy!

  2. Thank you for being so open about the election. I’m a little afraid to express my opinion around here as there are some very enthusiastic and surprising Trump supporters. Actually I am somewhat shocked at some of them

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