October 1st



I worked on the schedule for the hardware store yesterday and – other than a few tweaks – it’s done for another month. At home, I have a new chart in my journal for the month of October, to help me monitor work hours and habits that I want to keep track of. I feel like I’ve turned a corner here in my organizational life-quest; I don’t want to lose momentum. Now, when work days are a little easier, is the time to solidify patterns at home for editing, writing, exercise and cleaning time.

I stopped in to see Aunt Katie last night after work. She was watching the news on her little TV set in the kitchen. The local news was reporting on “Leaf Peepers.” That’s a term I hadn’t heard before, but that evidently refers to the tourists that come north for fall color.

This year, the colors are just beginning to show here on Beaver Island. My maple trees, which will soon be glorious in shades of rust and gold, are barely tinged with color. The blackberry bushes are rosy colored now, and giving up their last few fruits. The Autumn Joy Sedum is brilliant red, and covered with bees on every sunny day. I haven’t had frost yet, but we’ve had a few cool nights. Today, it’s raining.

A new month; a fresh start. That’s how it is here in my little house on the Fox Lake Road on this first day of October.

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