Daily Archives: September 30, 2016




I’m sixty-four years old. I’ve been traveling this winding road that is my life long enough to have a pretty good sense of how it’s going. I am introspective. I think about things. I pay attention. Still, I keep an open mind. I listen; I learn. I have little “Ah-ha” moments, and often slight shifts in action or thought patterns. At this stage in my life, though, it is rare to come upon something or someone that offers an entirely fresh perspective. And yet, in recent weeks it has happened many times over!

The first was the book, Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I thought everything had already been said that could be said about creativity, and that I had already read it all. For those reasons, and because I wasn’t a huge fan of previous work by that author, I almost passed it by. I’m so glad I didn’t!

The second was a consultation with a psychic that I treated myself to, for my birthday. I told her about a burden in my life, and how I got myself involved in it. “It was ego on my part,” I said, “and greed.” I went on to explain my reasoning. She waved it off. “It doesn’t sound like ego to me,” she said, “and maybe a bit of desperation, but not greed. You should quit beating yourself up about that.” Immediately¬† as I heard the words, I knew it was the truth.

Currently, I’m reading Better Than Before (Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives) by Gretchen Rubin. Her best-selling book, The Happiness Project was entertaining, and I expected more of the same. This book goes so much deeper! Her husband put it this way:

“With your books about happiness, you were trying to answer the question ‘how do I become happier?’ And this habits book is ‘No, seriously, how do I become happier?’

As with the creativity book and the psychic reading, I am not getting information that is brand new to me. Rather, it is knowledge that I already have, presented in such a way that it clarifies everything that I already know and gives me a brand new way of interpreting and using that knowledge.

To be given clarification through the offering of a fresh point of view – not once, but one after another – is a surprising and wonderful gift!