Daily Archives: September 9, 2016

End of Summer



It’s not quite fall, but we are definitely at the end of summer. The signs are all around. Even on the days when the temperatures reach into the eighties, mornings start out chilly. A hint of cooler weather to come is in the feel of every breeze. Blackberries are ripening; blueberries will soon follow, and grapes right after that. I have fresh ripe tomatoes on my kitchen counter, a bouquet of sunflowers on my dining room table.

Day before yesterday, I took a walk through my cousin Bob’s garden. Winter squash are almost ripe, summer squash just about finished. They’ve been digging potatoes lately. Kale is bright and standing tall, but many other things are looking pretty sorry in their rows. The growing season is just about over.

I love summer, but I’m happy to welcome these quieter, cooler days, as it winds down.