Daily Archives: September 2, 2016




Here we are, at the beautiful Beaver Island Lodge, for our traditional dinner to celebrate my birthday. From the left, that is Pam, me, Shirley and Lois. This get-together rarely happens on my birthday, but somewhere around it. We’re a little late this year in getting together. Better late than never! We’ve been doing this for, I think, twenty five years now! Aunt Katie used to join us. Now that she’s unable to, I’m happy that Shirley, in her retirement, has become a part of this little assembly.

We are related, though not closely. My paternal grandmother, Otilia, was the sister of Pam and Shirley’s maternal grandmother, Elsie. Lois is Shirley’s daughter, so she and I are cousins once more removed. Lois’s grandmother – Pam and Shirley’s mother – was my dear friend, Catherine, who worked with me at the Shamrock Bar & Restaurant when I first moved to the island. We all loved her, and miss her still. I got to know each of these women through Catherine; though our friendships now stand on their own, we still enjoy sharing stories and memories of her.

As usual, we had good food and conversation. I received lovely gifts. I was treated to dessert. The ladies sang! The best part of the evening, though, was the company of these wonderful women!