Daily Archives: September 1, 2016

Timeout for Art: Full of Hope


full of hope 001

When I made this collagraph, there was something about the torn paper spiral, the actual leaf embedded in the plate and the textured bands reaching up that spoke to me of hope. Thus the title, “Full of Hope.” No matter how I struggle, now, to retrieve those feelings, all I see in those columns is a pair of skinny blue jeans. Everything else seem to fall into place beside them. Maybe the yellow and deep pink are rugs, and the pants are laid out on the floor. That spiral could be a gaudy feather boa. Do you see how that happens?

The last thing I want to see, ever, in an abstract work is a face or other recognizable image. Once I see it, I can’t get rid of the idea. Then I worry about the things that don’t fit. Now, the edge of leaf could be a small pillow, but the red triangle in the other corner looks much too flat for that. And what about the other shapes and colors? How do they fit in? I tried changing the orientation, but it doesn’t help. I can’t get rid of the image of those skinny blue jean pant legs. With the extra weight I carry these days, around my waist and on my thighs, all I can say is, the title still suits!