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The 52 Lists Project #35


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List the obstacles that stand in the way of facing your dreams:

This is a short list, but true, and not a fun list to contemplate. At a different stage in my life, I might have produced a self-incriminating list (lack of courage, lack of effort, lack of daring) that would suggest that I wasn’t trying hard enough. Now, at this age, I can honestly say I have tried. This is what is left.

  • Lack of time. I have tried, at times, to drastically reduce the hours I spend sleeping, but my productivity wanes in direct proportion to my lack of rest. It is almost unbelievable the number of things I have set aside, to open up a bit more time. I simply cannot create more hours in a day.
  • Lack of money. I work. I earn a decent wage. I am a careful spender. Still, there’s barely enough – sometimes not even enough – to take care of monthly expenditures. There is certainly not extra.
  • Lack of willingness to bet everything with no guarantee of success. I don’t have a lot, but this roof over my head, a steady paycheck coming in, and the means of taking care of myself are precious. So, I won’t quit my job, sell my house or give up what little security in the future that I have. It’s exhilarating to think of putting it all on the line, to become a published author, a world-renowned artist, even a first-class magazine editor…but I know that the willingness to sacrifice everything still does not ensure success. And whenever I forget, my sister Brenda will remind me.