Daily Archives: August 27, 2016

The Things I Don’t Know


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“The things I don’t know”  is way too large a subject to cover here. The topic is actually the things I don’t know about computers. That seemed like too many words for the title, so. In fact, the things I don’t know about computers is probably too much to go into on this page, but I’ll start.

I can’t get my old (Windows XP) computer to communicate with my new modem. That may be a vision problem instead of ignorance of computers as, honest to God, I am just guessing at many of the letters and numbers in the Key Code. My new computer (Windows 8) allowed me the option of just hitting a button on the modem to get computer and modem hooked up. After several attempts at typing in the correct sequence of characters, I pushed the button. And felt, momentarily, like a computer genius!

Since my old computer cannot communicate with the modem, I can’t go on-line with it to download my photos from the stored files to my Facebook or WordPress sites. I don’t know how to get photos from my camera onto my new computer. There is not a place to insert the SD card.I am forced to use photos I downloaded last month, before this nightmare started!

I do have an external hard drive. I finally managed to hook it up to the old computer, and figured out how to load some documents and pictures onto it. If I unplug the little fan that keeps my new computer from overheating, I can plug the external hard drive in there. I can’t, however, figure out how to access the data that’s on it. It just sits there, while the computer threatens to overheat.

Having the old computer to fall back on allowed me to be lazy about learning the different quirks and methods of the new one. Now, I have to figure it out. As long as I am surrounded by things I understand, I feel pretty smart. Whenever I find myself in the position of having to figure something out, though, the thing that presents itself first and most clearly to me is just how much I don’t know. When it comes to computers, the list is long!