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The 52 Lists Project #33



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List the ways that you are a leader:

I am not a leader. I am particular about how things should be done. I can be bossy. I have been a [bad] influence. Still, it is a stretch to think of myself as a leader. Most leadership qualities are imposed only on myself…and I fall short even at that. Still…

  • I’m big on giving¬† reasons for doing things a particular way. It seems that if it makes sense, of course others will comply. I explain to the point of irritation.
  • I can make myself at home in other people’s kitchens in order to put a meal together. I know what I’m doing when it comes to cooking, and don’t mind asserting myself.
  • I can be quite good at public speaking when I have knowledge or information to share. If I’m teaching or giving a report, my shyness is not generally an issue.
  • I am disciplined about my creativity. I once – after much saving, and paying bills ahead – gave myself eight weeks to pursue the idea of “full time artist” as a career. I worked every day. I produced over two hundred collagraph prints. I entered an art show¬† and approached several galleries with my work. It never took off as a full time career, but not because I wasn’t willing to give it the time. Always having known myself to be undisciplined and quite lazy, it was an eye-opening experience. This year, I am writing every day. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time or inspiration, but I continue on, anyway.