Daily Archives: August 13, 2016




There is a family photo floating around, taken of my mother with many of her grandchildren, that – I admit – has made me smile. In it, my niece Jess – who might, soaking wet, tip the scale at 100 pounds – looks gigantic. She is positioned at the front corner of the picture plane. Everyone else in the photo seems to be in another dimension. A kinder, more slender dimension. Jess looks like a giant, guarding the gates to that other dimension.

There is another family photo that I hold dear. In it, my sisters and I sit in a semi-circle on the edge of a pool. I am at the back of that curve, in the farthest position from the camera. I am wearing a very forgiving black bathing suit. One thick thigh is tucked so closely beside a sister’s leg, it looks slim. Quite a bit of fat rolls are similarly hidden behind the sisters closest to me. At the two front ends of the curve – in that dreaded too-close-to-the-camera spot – are my sisters, Brenda and Amy. Both sisters are taller than me, but otherwise Brenda is about my size, and Amy is a bit smaller. Not in that photograph, though!

I look great! I look especially petite compared to the two giant sisters at the ends! I love that photo! Whenever our trip – or any trip – to Florida is mentioned, I am quick to re-post that picture. Any time we get talking about bathing suits or swimming pools or sisters, I pull out that photo again. “Don’t do it,” Amy will suggest. “Knock it off,” is Brenda’s order. Still, I never miss a chance.

Last night, all that karma came home to rest.

Having said good-bye with tearful hugs, to every sweet niece and nephew and each cute-as-a-button grand-niece and grand-nephew, the sisters and their spouses went out to dinner. Of course, in addition to beautiful ambiance, good food and wine, spectacular desserts, wonderful conversation and the pleasure of the company of loved ones, we had to get a photo.

And look who – with fat arms, double chin and distended belly – ended up in the behemoth position.