Daily Archives: August 12, 2016

Finally, Rain!


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After a long run of unusual heat and humidity, yesterday it rained. First one little shower that looked like it would go on much longer, then nothing. Customers voiced their disapproval.

“What was that, ten drops?”

“Even more humid than it was before!

After running outside and back in, through the rain, to bring in several lawnmowers and grills that were on the pavement in front of the store, Elsie asked if she should bring them back outside. “Let’s wait,” I told her, “just to be sure it’s over.”

It seemed, for a while, like it was. The sky cleared; the air steamed.

Then, without a bit of warning, a cloudburst.

That gave way to a nice, long and steady rain.

Normally, rain does not go over well in August, when our island is filled with people who’ve come here to enjoy the sunshine and beaches. This August, though, has been extremely hot. No relief even after the sun goes down…hot. Difficult to sleep…hot.  Even with lake breezes and cool water all around…hot.

Yesterday, in the pouring rain, there were only smiles.