Daily Archives: August 10, 2016

Mid-Week Woes


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Wednesday, already! Where has the time gone? This week is flying by!

I’ve had an unprecedented four days in a row OFF right smack dab in the middle of a busy summer season! Hurrah! And yet…what did I do? Was it well spent? Was it worth it?

I had a good day Saturday at “Meet the Artists,” then met the boat that brought some of my family to the island. I talked to artists and patrons, visitors, friends and family, then went home, exhausted, to walk the dogs before calling it a night.

Sunday was a busy day. My day started by ticking things off my long list: Write; Walk; Wash dark clothes/ hang on clothesline; Clean bathroom; Clear counter; Sweep; Wash rugs/ hang on clothesline; Empty compost into bin; Meet boats….and on and on.

I missed the morning boat that brought my niece, Nicole, her husband, Jim, and their baby, Hannah (who was wearing a shirt announcing that she is going to, before long, be a big sister!). I made it to the dock in time to meet the afternoon boat that delivered the rest of my sisters (except Robin, who was unable to come this year) and their families.

Much catching up ensued, followed by family dinner and a wonderful cheesecake dessert (for a crowd!) made by my niece, Kristen. Dinner was followed by more visiting and remarking over how big all of the children are getting.  We had quite the lineup of little ones! Hannah is one-year old; Cash, son of my niece, Danielle, is two; then come the three children of my niece, Tammy: Chloe is three years old, Cade is four and Cole is five. We then jump a few years to Danielle’s daughter, Lily, who is a beautiful fourteen-year-old. Though we’ll be celebrating some adult birthdays this week, I’m not going in to the ages.

Monday was more laundry, housework, walking and writing, some work on the Beacon, some research and some paperwork. It was also a couple nice hours on the beach and a good dinner with loved ones. Tuesday was much the same.

Now, suddenly, it’s Wednesday. Back to work…but also the knowledge that the week with my family is flying past. I should have taken better advantage of my days off, to spend every moment I could with them! What was I thinking, taking time for laundry?! Clean clothes are over-rated! Laundry will still be there when my family has gone home!

Thank goodness for Wednesday, to make me realize how precious each of these passing days are!