Daily Archives: August 8, 2016

Internet Frustrations and Family Joy


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Well, starting with the joy: My sisters and their families have been arriving on Beaver Island for the last two days. Nearly every single ferry has produced more loved ones coming down the stairs from the upper deck to the dock. I am relishing every single smiling face, each hug, every conversation, each child that has grown too much since I last saw them, all the updates on  family members and friends whether here or not. As an added bonus, Aunt Katie was a guest at our family dinner last night, as well as cousin Bob and his love, Joanne. Though they all live here on Beaver Island, my life is such that I rarely get a chance to visit with any of them for more than a moment in this busy time of year.

On to frustration: Unable to fall back asleep after waking up to let the big dog out at 2AM, I decided to work on the computer. Sometimes a little work and a cup of tea is all I need to put me back in sleeping mode. No internet connection! I tried first one computer, then the other. I tried all the things I know to do to troubleshoot the problem: reset the wireless modem, run through all the computer connections, retype the connection and key codes, restart, then start over…Nothing. I went back to bed. I lay there, stewing about it.

“Too much money for an internet connection that fails too often,” I thought. “I should keep track of all the outages and bill them for time lost!”

Too angry to fall asleep, I got up and tried again…and then again. By the time morning was actually here, I’d clocked maybe a total of four hours sleep. As soon as I had coffee in hand, I dialed up the service provider, pushed the correct buttons for yes, technical support, yes, wireless connection, no, thank you, to Spanish language and finally got a human on the line. She led me through all the things I had already tried, plus a couple others.

“Your modem has failed,” she told me, “we will send you a new modem.”

Then followed a question and answer period about my physical address, and whether I wanted to pay for second-day air or settle for free 3 to 5 day delivery. Followed by my meager attempts to have them ship it quickly for free, as I need the internet and pay well for it. She explained the difference between a server problem and a software problem, and kindly refused to consider it. I opted for free delivery, thinking I was going to have to make good use of the library’s computers for my business and my blog over the next several days.

Then, once off the telephone, I turned the other computer back on…and it connected, no problem. Well!  I’m letting them send the new modem. I’m keeping it, as a back-up, in case this ever happens again. Meanwhile, without the other computer, I do not have access to my photographs, which explains the picture that has absolutely nothing to do with the post. That’s less of an issue than I thought I was faced with today!