Daily Archives: August 6, 2016

Saturday Morning


august2016 009

I finished glazing thirty small paintings at two o’clock this morning. I left them to dry resting on top of the books on my shelves, set the alarm for 8:30, and went to bed. Rosa Parks woke me first, at four AM, to go outside. She woke me next at seven, nuzzling me to get her routine morning belly rubs, certain that I had overslept, and that she was helping.

“No, this is snooze time, Rosa,” I told her…but my voice roused Darla, who came to the bedside to offer her own morning kisses. So, up and coffee in hand, my day is ahead of me. We have been outside, to test the weather and look at the sky, but no walk yet, for Darla.

I want to lay out my paintings and photograph them, now, in their finished state, in case they (oh, my beating heart!) are a big hit today and go off to different homes. I need to load the car with lawn chair, sunscreen, art work, coffee, notebook and reading material. My goal is to be comfortable and to look content, even when no one wants to stop to chat.

I have to shower and dress, with the added problems of looking creative, being comfortable, and allowing for the changing weather from morning ’til evening. A pleasant start can turn into a scorching hot and humid day. So far, it’s a beautiful day.

I have to remember to bring my hammer and stop at the hardware for nails so that I can do my own hanging. I’d better get on with it!