Daily Archives: August 3, 2016

Where, Next?


august2016 026

Today is freight day at the hardware store. It will be a busy day with an early start and a late finish.

Just when I thought the next issue of the Beacon was heading (already late!) for the printer, I was told we have yet two separate pages to fill. Two articles, after others were cut for length and one was set aside for the next issue.

Saturday is the “Meet the Artists” event at Livingstone Studio. At this moment, every available surface in my living and dining rooms is covered with painting, in the final stages of completion.

My sisters and their families are arriving this weekend, for their vacation. Some will arrive on the afternoon boat on Saturday, the rest on Sunday.

My house is a mess. My lawn is desperately in need of mowing. My back is out.

Right now, my biggest worry is where to direct the panic, and the energy that may come with it? Everywhere? I guess so!