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The 52 Lists Project #31


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List the words that define your personality:

  • Stubborn. Bull-Headed, my Mom would say, as in “stop being so darned bull-headed!”
  • Shy. As a child, painfully so. Now, thanks to parenthood (because it is necessary to talk to care-givers and teachers and people who appreciated how cute my children were…) and a life spent in customer service, I have come a long way through it. I don’t appear to be shy anymore, but I still am.
  • Competitive. To a fault, I’ve often heard, but I don’t agree. I think I’m simply competitive to a healthy degree. I like to win, but mostly, I like to play the game (whether cards or dice or Scrabble) with a challenging opponent.
  • Introvert. I was talking about this the other day, saying I feel like an introvert, though I don’t look like one, out there every day talking to people. My friend Maureen said it’s not whether you can be out in the public realm, but how you recover. An extrovert, she said, might work with crowds all day, then take a breath and want to go out to a party. An introvert will want (need!) some time alone at the end of the day, to process, and decompress. I think that’s pretty accurate!
  • Fussy. I like things just so. To look around me, that seems as unbelievable as my shyness, but it’s true.
  • Lazy. I manage to accomplish an awful lot, for a lazy person. Through it all, my default setting is something like “on a warm beach…with a good book…”
  • Talkative. This comes, surprisingly, from shyness. Having spent my first eleven years saying almost nothing, and my childhood knowing I had little of value to say, I have had some catching up to do. A fear of those uncomfortable silences that are the scourge of a shy person’s life, I tend to jabber on, even when there’s not much to talk about.
  • Kind. I don’t know if this is as inherent in my personality as “stubborn,” “lazy” or “shy,” but it is something I have cultivated, nurtured and worked toward, and I’m very proud to know that I am a kind person.
  • Cheerful. Usually with good reason.