Daily Archives: July 30, 2016

Just This One


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Just this one. I’ve been saying that to myself lately. Maybe I always have.

I remember saying to my children, “Just this one game, and then it will be time to get ready for bed.”

To myself, “Okay, finish just one chapter, then put the book down.”

Or, “Finish just this one job, then take a walk.”

Lately, the bargains made are more demanding of my time and energy, the rewards less, you know…rewarding.

“Just work through this one night, and get that article finished, then you’ll be able to concentrate on the next one.”

“Just make it through this one day with no sleep, and you can go to bed on time tomorrow.”

“Just work all the extra hours you can, this one season, and get caught up – or at least almost caught up, if nothing else falls apart – by summer’s end.”

“Just make it through this one crazy summer, and things will slow down in the fall.”

“Just put off doing this one good thing (sunset, walk, visit, event, entire season of gardening…) and maybe you’ll get another opportunity.”

“Post just this one lousy blog, even if you have nothing good to say, and maybe it will come easier tomorrow.”

Always one to strike a bargain, that’s me.