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Some Things…


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Beaver Island is a magical place.

Really, a Magical Place.

I remember that about it, always, even when I don’t feel it. I’m not surprised to see the stunned awe on the faces of new visitors, or the bright smiles of return guests. I recognize that feeling, even when I’m too exhausted to feel it.

The fact is, I’ve been here a long time. I’m busy. I’m tired. I’ve seen it, over and over. Even the extraordinary seems ordinary when it’s right there, every day.

Then, suddenly, there’s that old magic again. Sometimes it’s just a matter of forgetting to be so accustomed to what surrounds me. Allowing myself to be amazed. Just letting the magic happen.

Some Things That Are Magical Until You Get Used To Them, So They Aren’t…Until You Forget That You’ve Grown Used To Them, And They Become Magical Again

[yes, a very long title, indeed!]

  • White sand beaches
  • Sunsets over the water
  • Whitetail deer
  • Black squirrels
  • Canopies of trees
  • Sand dunes
  • White birch trees
  • Conifer forests
  • Lilacs in the springtime
  • Milkweed in the summer
  • Apples in the fall
  • a wonderland in winter
  • the view of the lighthouse beyond the harbor as you come around the corner in to town
  • Hidden trails
  • Remote beaches
  • Barney’s Lake (and the steep hill leading down to it!)
  • Font Lake
  • Lake Genaserath
  • Fox Lake (especially in the fall of the year!)
  • Miller’s Marsh (loaded with little frogs right now!)
  • the church steeple
  • the Angelus bells
  • the moon over the water
  • and the water all around

No doubt about it, a Magical Place.