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Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I seem to be unable to think of anything nice to say. I have a list of annoyances, though, ready to go!

  • Houseflies. I can’t remember the last time houseflies were a problem for me. I don’t have small children, running in and out, holding doors open or leaving them ajar. I  don’t put anything in my trash that would attract flies. We recycle here on Beaver Island, so all food containers are cleaned and compressed, ready to be sorted into the correct bin. I compost food scraps, and the bin that holds them is way over on the other side of the garden.  This is summer, but beyond that, it doesn’t even really seem like fly weather. If there is such a thing. And yet, for the last couple days, I’ve had several large buzzing flies in the house. I had to find the flyswatter, then re-learn how to  swat the little varmints. I spent one evening madly chasing flies from one window to the next, without ever managing to kill a single one!
  • Pasta. Or, more specifically, the wrong pasta. I thought I’d ordered farfelle, the little boy-ties that look so cute in pasta salad. Pasta salads are good to have around for a packed lunch; they are also good items to bring to a pot luck, picnic, or funeral luncheon. When my order arrived, I instead had six boxes of farfelline, which are tiny little bow-ties, each about the size of a grain of rice. It would work as a replacement for rice in a chicken soup occasionally, but six boxes is way to much to have on hand for that!
  • Flowers. Mostly sweet peas and day lilies. Not the flowers themselves. I love the flowers, and the foliage is nice, too. What is annoying me this year (and, I admit, I’ve never been bothered in previous years) is their constant need for dead-heading. Yesterday, while removing dozens of spent blooms from the orange day lilies by the kitchen door, I found myself thinking, “What a needy flower!” The sweet peas are even worse. If the old blossoms are not removed, they’ll go to seed, forming cute little pea pods that will eventually explode, sending seeds all over the flower bed.
  • The hole by the back door. I believe Darla is the culprit here, though the hole is more the size of Rosa Parks: about eight inches in diameter. I haven’t caught either of them digging, but the hole gets deeper every day. Not bigger around, but deeper. Yet there is never any dirt around it, to fill it back in. As of yesterday, it was close to a foot deep. Right now I’m just annoyed at the hole, and possibly at whichever dog is working on it. If I twist an ankle, I’ll be very annoyed with myself for not getting the shovel and filling it in!
  • While I’m on that tack, I am already annoyed with myself. Again, two days have passed with only a fraction of my long list of tasks completed. Back to work today. Which is yet another annoyance!