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The 52 Lists Project # 29



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List your childhood and current dream jobs:

  • Soaker. I couldn’t swim, as a child, so I couldn’t really imagine having a job that involved swimming. Still, I loved being in the water. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to just go to work and soak? Now, I know how to swim, but don’t have the energy to stay at it for hours on end. I’d still like a job where I’d get paid for soaking!
  • Bicycle rider. Again, it was something I loved to do, so I imagined making a career of it. Not like a racer, or even a bicycle messenger, but just a rider. I’d still like that, for a job!
  • Wife. When I was a child, that was a legitimate occupation, and there was no shame in aspiring to it. Now, no thank you.
  • Mother. All little girls want to be a mother, I think. Usually without having a clue what it would really be like. Fortunately, I found it just as rewarding in real life as it was in my childish dreams. Mostly.
  • Artist.
  • Writer.
  • Schoolteacher.
  • Baker.
  • Trampoline acrobat, jump roper, ball bouncer. It evolved over the years to Chinese Checker player, then “Ms. Pac Man” expert and, currently, Scrabble and Trivia player.Basically, anything that I’ve been reasonably good at, I wanted to be given fame, notoriety and riches for doing it.

I never aspired to spend my life in the service industry. I find, however, that I’m very good at it, and it suits me quite nicely most of the time.