Daily Archives: July 16, 2016

Birthday Saturday



July 16th is a big day for birthdays! There are several being celebrated right here on Beaver Island. One woman that I attended high school with has a birthday today (Happy Birthday, Deb!). My sister Sheila’s first husband, Stan, was born on this day. So was my nephew, Jake (Happy Birthday to you, Jacob!). And…(drum roll here, please) twenty-three years ago today, my very first grandson was born.

When I first took Kate to the hospital, when her labor started, the doctor said she was getting close, but not ready yet. “Go watch Jurassic Park,” he told us, “that’ll scare you right into hard labor!” We didn’t do that, and I don’t quite remember how we did fill the time, but before long we were back at the hospital. That time (reminding myself over and over, “this is Flint, not Beaver Island, don’t forget to lock the doors”), I locked the keys in the car. While Kate was upstairs being admitted, I was in the parking lot waiting for the police to come to help me bust in to my car!

Eventually, though, I made it to the waiting room, and was part of the large group of supporters going in and out of Kate’s room. And, finally, there was my new grandson, Michael. All the love I’d had for him already was multiplied one hundredfold, and has continued to expand, all the years that I’ve known him. It’s growing, still.

Happy Birthday, Michael!