Daily Archives: July 15, 2016

Rainy Day


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The rain clouds came in just around four o’clock yesterday afternoon.  I noticed the sky as I was driving back to town after a meeting at the township hall. I reached for my camera. On this island, clouds can make quite a show. The camera wasn’t where I expected it to be, on the console between the two seats, and I instead reached my entire hand into a cup of cold coffee that was resting there. I gave up the search.

At the hardware, employees and customers were watching the storm move in. By the time the ferry boat docked, it was pouring rain. It continued coming down – hard – for much of the next two hours.

I sold the last umbrella. I sold tarps and drop cloths and kits to repair tents. This is the weekend of the Beaver Island Music Festival, and many of the attendees camp out. With a start like this, I imagine campers will be pretty damp all weekend!

It was still raining when I closed the hardware, coming down steadily when I went to the grocery store and it had not yet stopped when I pulled in my own driveway. The dogs weren’t crazy about going outside in that weather, but I made them do it anyway. I unloaded the mail and a small box of groceries, my thermos, purse and lunch box. Then, finally, we were able to be inside for the night.

I started a load of wash, fed the dogs, made two telephone calls and started preparing my dinner. As I sat down at the desk, I noticed the dogs had made themselves comfortable, too.

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