Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

This Morning…


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This morning, this boy is picking up his bed. He is packing up his belongings: the things that he brought and the souvenirs and other things that he bought. He has a pocketful of money, earned by working for folks while he was here, and big plans for what he’ll do with it. He is saying goodbye to the dogs, with extra pats and belly rubs in between  preparations to leave. They’ve become good friends over the last two weeks.

My daughter is packing up her own few things as she keeps Tommy moving along. They are going on the ferry boat this morning. I delayed my work day until after I see them off. We’ll go to town for breakfast, as soon as we’re all packed and ready. Right now, it’s all business, a flurry of getting ready, anticipation of going. Later, when this house is quiet, I’ll start missing this boy.