Late Saturday


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This day started late, and continued.

After a couple nights of fitful sleep, I could hardly stay awake last night ’til the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was “lights out” just as soon as the movie was over, and I slept straight through until seven o’clock this morning.

The hardware opens at 8:30 on Saturday. That makes it a bit of a push to get everything done before I leave. I took time to take medicine; brew coffee; check Email; check social media; download photographs from camera to computer; edit photos; shower, etc.; crush medicine for Rosa Parks and mix with a bit of wet food; prepare a similar tiny dish of wet food for Darla, so she wouldn’t feel deprived; leave a note for Tommy; pack a thermos. I did not take time to write.

I worked without a break until after five o’clock. I called Tommy to discuss evening plans, then went to the grocery store and the gas station before going home. Tommy helped bring the groceries in while we caught each other up on the day’s events. He helped me put a pasta salad together. We fed the dogs, cleaned up and changed clothes, then headed out for a pot luck dinner. A roasted pig was the main event, but there were delicious side dishes  – including our own pasta salad – to choose from, too. We both had a good time.

Home again, the dogs needed attention and there was clean-up to do. Finally, now, at nine PM, I have time to write. I notice that – this late at night – I have little to say!

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  1. I can’t believe how much you get accomplished before you’re off to the day job. All I could manage was some hair fixing, dressing, and make-upping.

    A pig roast sounds like fun! I haven’t been to one in many years – my sister always called first dibs on the ears.

    • By the time we got there, all that was left of the pig was on the platter (no ears!), but it was a delicious meal and a nice time anyway. I’m afraid that in writing, I make my life look more accomplished than it is! In real life, everything is a scramble. Thanks, Sara!

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