End of June


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Yesterday after work, I retrieved my grandson from the beach and headed for home. The clouds were already gathering. The smell of rain was in the air.

Tommy spent the last two afternoons at the public beach in town.  He made friends, and enjoyed the sun, sand and water. On the way home, he told me how exhausting it is, being in the water. “I can only imagine…” I told him. When we got to the house, he headed for the shower.

I pulled out the lawnmower. I’d run out of gas the other day, just shy of finishing the back yard. There was a small triangle of tall grass between the clothesline poles and the garden fence. I had also missed the area directly behind the garden, as the broken fence posts were leaning that way.

I pushed the fence back to the garden side, scoured the area for dog toys, filled the mower with gas and fired it up. It was quick work, and not unpleasant. There was a slight breeze that kept the mosquitoes at bay. I was finished in no time at all, with the yard finally finished and the mower tucked away in the shed.

I clipped bunches of sweet peas, wild daisies and yarrow to make a rustic bouquet. I heated up several types of leftovers for dinner. When we’d eaten our fill, we gave the rest to the dogs.

We opened the windows to the cooler air and waited for the rain. After dinner, we both retreated to our computers for work or play. It was a quiet evening inside, a quiet rain outside. A nice finish to the month of June!

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  1. Something very sweet and simple about this end-June post, Cindy. I found it lovely that you made that wildflower bouquet. It’s nice that you and Tommy can be quietly together.

    • He’s a nice boy to hang out with…very laid-back, easy-going and smiley. One day, when he was tired and cranky, he said, “I’ve just gotta tell you, Grandma, I do NOT like your tea!” That was a pretty strong and harsh statement for him, and he tempered it with, “I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings…” Thanks, Kathy, for taking time to comment!

  2. It sounds like a very productive yet relaxing evening. There’s nothing better than a quiet summer rain at the end of the day. Happy July!

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