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I will either wait to write tonight, after work, when I already have 12 other things waiting, or I will hammer out a few words right now and be done with this one commitment before my day gets underway. I choose the latter. Maybe.

I have now published five hundred posts on this site, since I started it in October of 2011. More impressive, to me, is that I’m almost half-way through a year of writing every single day.

Ah, and now, already, I have run out of things to say, today. It was the boasting that cleared my mind, I’m sure. So, on that note, I will “save” instead of “publish,” and rush to get in the shower and off to work, hoping that today brings more to say.

And here I am, more than twelve hours later, exhausted, and wishing I was done for the night. I’m not.

After a long and hard day at work (the one short break I got was spent at the post office and the bank), I had to go to the grocery store, then rush to the gas station before it closed, then home.The car had to be unloaded of purchases and packages. Groceries had to be put away.

Finally, I took the dogs down to the lake. I managed to sit, quietly, with  a book, even, for a solid twenty minutes while the dogs played in the water. Three men in a boat pulled up to the shore then, and my dogs refused to be polite. The charged into the water, barking sharply and growling. Though their tails were wagging, I didn’t have leashes for either of them, and I didn’t trust them. Behavior that may be predictable in one dog, becomes unpredictable with two together. I loaded them back in the car for the ride home. “If you can’t be nice,” I scolded, “You can’t stay at the beach.”

Home again, there were chores. I emptied the compost pail into the bin that sits on the edge of the garden. I pulled a few weeds. I picked a colander full of ripe strawberries. They sit on the counter waiting to be cleaned. I fed the dogs, and started my own supper.

A well-intentioned phone call was next. Evidently, I had hurt someone’s feelings. I didn’t do it on purpose, and didn’t even know about it, until I got the call. Now – though I feel like friends could give one another – sometimes – the benefit of the doubt, and that it is not necessary to jump to the conclusion that I am ignoring or shunning someone just because they don’t hear from me regularly – I will take the time to explain myself and apologize for my neglect and try to salve hurt feeling…because I care. Not  because I have the time to spare. Because I don’t.

On that note, I don’t have an ounce of energy for another single word this evening.