Daily Archives: June 16, 2016

Timeout for Art:



When I started working in Collagraph Print-making, I wanted to delve into texture and color. There were so many possibilities to explore! To enable me to do this, I chose a simple, abstract shape – a triangle on a square or rectangular ground – for my composition.

The design had meaning to me, as it mimics the roof line of my family home. My childhood bedroom was tucked up into the second floor of that house. That was a time in my life when I felt safe, when others were taking care of all the big decisions, and when my worries were small and few. That was a far cry from what my life was like when I started making these images, and the feelings of child-like simplicity and security were ideas I wanted to convey.

A triangle has a solid base, and it lends itself to the image of a shelter of some kind. Textures add stability to the floating image, and colors add emotion. I made dozens of variations from the plate that produced this image, trying out different color combinations and printing methods. The title of this work is “Sanctuary.”